(English & Tiếng Việt) 2 ways to make TAIWANESE PINEAPPLE SHORTCAKES. Printable recipe coming soon on my blog: www.ricenflour.com

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MAKE: 35 cakes (20 gram each)

A. Simple sugar syrup

100 gram sugar
100 ml water
10 ml lemon juice (don’t use lime juice as it can make the sugar bitter)

B. Durian pineapple filling

320 gram pineapple flesh (canned or fresh)
260 – 280 gram durian flesh (frozen or fresh)
60 gram sugar (can be adjusted to taste)
15 – 30 ml simple sugar syrup (from A)

C. Dough – 1st style

70 gram unsalted butter – very soft at room temperature
30 gram cream cheese – very soft at room temperature
60 gram whipping cream
35 gram icing/ powdered sugar (shouldn’t be substituted with other types of sugar)
1 egg yolk medium sized (18 – 20 gram)
145 gram all purpose flour

D. Cookie dough – 2nd style

120 gram unsalted butter – very soft at room temperature
35 gram condensed milk (cannot be substituted with sugar)
1 egg yolk medium sized (18 – 20 gram)
150 gram all purpose flour


1. You can make other types of filling, such as pineapples, carrots, kiwis, wintermelons… Detailed instructions: https://youtu.be/J1V1mFWqi_I

2. Use AP flour for this recipe. Cake flour may result in cakes that are too crumbly and fragile while bread flour may give dry and hard dough.

3. Simple sugar syrup can be substituted by corn syrup, maple syrup or maltose.
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